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Empowering America

Your Reliable Partner in Renewable Energy Security

Hawthorne Renewable Energy

Empowering people through sustainable energy.

Our mission is to empower people and American industry with energy that's reliable, secure and unbroken. Through renewable energy, we are reducing carbon emissions, and supporting our communities and planet, for today and tomorrow’s generations.

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Your Land, Your Future

Realize the untapped potential of your land.

Explore the opportunity of selling or leasing your land with the possibility of earning a reliable passive income through solar energy.

Building America’s Solar Legacy

We're leading America's progress towards a sustainable and secure energy system, providing the foundation to support and empower generations to come.

Hawthorne Renewable Energy is an American Power Development platform. We're a fully serviced utility-scale renewable energy development company with global experience and gigawatts of projects over two continents from early-stage portfolios right through to operational.

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Why Renewables

We believe renewable energy provides America with an energy system that has an indigenous, never-ending fuel source, increases American independence and security while reducing carbon emissions.

We're not just safeguarding the present, but empowering communities and illuminating the future.

Renewable energy offsets the demand for energy fro suffix fuel plants and decreases ratepayer exposure to rising fuel costs.

Renewable energy supports local economic development and creates jobs for Americans that cannot be outsourced.

Renewable energy helps reduce air and water pollution and helps mitigate climate change by offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.

Renewable energy power is cost-competitive with fossil fuels and has the potential to become the cheapest electricity source on the planet within the next 10 years.

Renewable energy offers predictable and stable energy costs, shielding consumers from the volatility of fossil fuel prices and reducing the financial burden on households and businesses.

Renewable energy has a long lifespan, providing a dependable and resilient source of electricity. When combined with energy storage systems, renewable energy can supply power during grid outages, enhancing energy security.