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Turn your land into a sustainable income source.

Earn a passive income from your land, boost your local economy, and increase the energy security in your community.

Our Landowner First Philosophy

We understand and respect the concerns of landowners and farmers who rely on their land for income.

Our landowner first approach centers on collaboration, respect for landowners' needs, and fostering sustainable land use practices. We are committed to working hand-in-hand with landowners and farmers just like you to create win-win solutions that maximize the benefits of private renewable energy projects while addressing all your concerns.

For Landowners | Hawthorne Renewable Energy | Utility-Scale Solar Energy Solutions

The Benefits

Partnering with Hawthorne Renewable Energy

Enjoy a dependable, consistent, income stream from your land lease for long-term financial security without the hassle of land management or farming.

Maintain control of your land, with the option to revert to farming or pass it on to future generations.

Our commitment to fair compensation means that when you partner with Hawthorne Renewable Energy, you’ll receive substantial lease payments. This financial stability can help you plan for the future and invest in your financial goals.

When you lease your land to Hawthorne Renewable Energy for solar energy projects, you assume minimal risk. Solar installations are known for their reliability, and our expert team ensures that the projects are constructed and maintained to the highest standards.

Hawthorne Renewable Energy has dealt with many landowners when developing our portfolio of projects, and from that have gained invaluable experience in ensuring that landowners are treated fairly and maximize their benefit form the partnership. We understand land and agriculture, and work closely with landowners throughout the development process.

Our Process

How it works.

01. Site Visit

Once a landowner contacts us and lets us know they are interested, we will visit their property at a time that is convenient for them, explain the process in more detail and answer any questions they may have.

02. FREE Evaluation

With the landowner's approval, we will conduct a free evaluation where we will ascertain if it is possible to construct a solar project on the landowner's property.

03. System Design

Next, we begin to design the layout of the solar project within any constraints identified in the evaluation.

04. Landowner Payment

The landowner will receive the first payment before any construction begins.

05. Finalize Technical Design

The final detailed project design is completed once all the electrical, environmental and construction constraints are finalized.

06. Rent Begins

Rent payments begin leading up to construction.

07. Construction Occurs

All construction material is delivered to the site and the project is installed as per design.

08. Operation Begins

Once installation is complete, the project is placed into operation and exports electricity to the grid.

Complete Transparency

Solar Projects FAQs

Much of a solar farm is made up of solar panels secured to a ground-mounted steel structure, connected via small cables. The electricity is then collected and transformed using equipment kept in small housing or behind the panels.

Solar panels typically do not exceed the average height of a field of corn ready for harvest. Hawthorne Renewable Energy will design the site so that current greenery will minimize visual impact where possible. The reflection from a ground-mounted solar farm is only visible from the air. Unlike other power generation facilities, solar projects generate power with no moving parts and make very little noise. Hawthorne Renewable Energy will design the projects such that any noise created will be unnoticeable from the perimeter of the solar farm.

There is no increased risk of fire with solar projects.

No, the project will deliver the power it generates to the local electric grid and be used by local businesses and homes.

Solar projects have an operating life of 25+ years. At the end of the project’s operational life cycle, the solar farm will be dismantled and removed, and use of the land returned to the landowner. The site will be restored according to all applicable environmental regulations and will be ready for use as the landowner sees fit.

From the time we sign an option, it typically takes three to seven years to complete the solar development and begin construction. Development time is largely dependent on the size of the project. During the development period, the landowner can continue to enjoy the use of their land.

Hawthorne Renewable Energy only works with experienced construction and maintenance teams. They will perform routine maintenance on the system and manage the long-term safety and operation of the project.

There are no upfront costs for you. Hawthorne Renewable Energy manages all the expenses related to evaluation, construction, and maintenance of the solar installation on your land.

Ideal land for a solar farm is relatively flat, close to power lines and utility substations, and free of wetland and endangered species.

Lease terms are typically long-term, varying according to the specifics of the project. We aim to ensure a mutually beneficial agreement that offers a steady income for you over many years.

For Landowners | Hawthorne Renewable Energy | Utility-Scale Solar Energy Solutions
For Landowners | Hawthorne Renewable Energy | Utility-Scale Solar Energy Solutions

and the most frequently asked question...

Is a renewable energy project possible on my land?

Our team evaluates your land’s topography, its access to utility infrastructure, and its environmental aspects, including checking for any wetlands or endangered species. We would be happy to review your site with you in detail and answer additional questions.

Please contact us today to start the process.